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Friday, 18 November 2011

maintaining and monitoring

Annyeong peeps,

For too long
I had not visited my blog
how are you all?
FYI I am very busy during this two week
and the remaining 10 weeks for my busy time
and I'll be free like a bird flying

Every day I have to wake up early
My problem used to sleep late at night and difficult to wake up early in the morning
everyday after back home me felt too tired and decide just go sleep
That is why I do not have time to surf the Internet and visit my blog

I got a lot of new experience and meet new friends
they are very good and friendly with me
ok2~ everyday me and my friend maintaining, monitoring and sometime help/assist some student doing their experiments or workshop~

may be it sound easy but it requires good communication skills to interact with student
it was very challenging for me

p/s: tolong tampar palak aku ngengeh kelaka omputeh~ekekeke

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