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Monday, 10 March 2014

Old message

There a old phone of mine, I just charge it yesterday. I am not touch it since last year. There a lot of old message in it. My heart beat too fast when I open it today. I found this sent from someone. This verse has touch my soul once but now it just a word. So, I would like to say thanks a lot for a beautiful word.

"If I die young,
I want you to know
In my world I ever know many people
I ever love some of them
I ever have some memories with them
And I ever dream of them
But now in my word there's no one else
except you

From all people I've ever meet
and know
and ever love
only you that I want
No matter what only you that I need
no one else."

by: azizianuar (copy from old message)

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