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Thursday, 19 June 2014


I am  a free man now
I have broken up long time ago
when I was your man, you should have been better to me
why didn't I know that I could be this amazing
I am really good now

Are you lonely now?
where did all those many men go?
The person in you fantasy that you've dreamed of
who is it other than me
and better than me

Since it has come to this
unleash those freedoms
living without you
the room grows bigger
I have more friend now
I play like crazy
Till the late nights and yet there isnt enough time

Look, I am OK even with just myself
It must be shy
I am starting to regret now
When I become regretful
I would think of doing better
I should do so
Yet those childish words
the boat has already taken off and found another boat

Free and now girl
Go free
live your life
I don't think I want you back
When you here, its tiring
When you're not, the sense of emptiness

by: azizianuar

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