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Sunday, 8 November 2015

People need to learn how to stay


There is so many thing happen in my life
As I already to my new phase of my life
Some of the thing in life I still cannot control
People and feeling

I doubt myself always
not to believe people
but they is more precious than I thought
some just come and go
left me wondering alone
without giving me a reason why

The one who still with me
I keep my faith to them
hold onto them
I am nothing without them
as they are too without me

Its hard to be honest person
I am try to be one
but fail instead
I am not good to take care other feeling
the weakness of me
and that the worse of me
I cant change that
I've tried

But I do love some of them with all my heart
But they left as I try to make up to them
I try to fix but it getting worse
Like a mouse try to fix a pumpkin

So I guess this is it
End of everything
word is just a word
like a wind blow
I just stay the way I am
be a real me
may be
just maybe
people need to learn how to stay

p/s: berterabur english rojak...sorry haha

by: azizianuar

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